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Sue O'Halloran - Ayala & Young Associates, LLC


Sue has facilitated AYA Cultural and Equity Audits and led Diversity-Equity-Inclusion
seminars for schools and districts across the country. In addition, she is a professional
story artist and author of eight books, including:
Avoiding Cross-Cultural Mistakes at Home and Abroad 
Diversity is All Around Us In Our Schools
Isn’t It Time We Get It Right. 

Sue offers further expertise in Equity as follows:

  • Leadership course for teens

  • A two-year multicultural curriculum for junior high and high school students, Kaleidoscope: Valuing Differences and Creating Inclusion, with a Facilitator’s Guide.

  • Professional development via webinars or live seminars for K-12 teachers including designing culturally responsive curricula

  • Demonstrations on how to tell your school’s story for better press, fundraising, and community goodwill

  • Live story performances dealing with race and other equity issues

  • Videos of professional story artists and everyday people discussing stereotypes they’ve experienced and victories they’ve won.

  • A 60-minute video How Did We Get Here?  Explaining the roots of present-day racial tension and a pathway to a better tomorrow, complete with a Facilitator’s Guide

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