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Sue O'Halloran - Ayala & Young Associates, LLC


Sue has been a Senior Consultant with Bea Young Associates: Collaboration for Educational Equity since 2005.  Sue and Bea have designed a new workshop for the Illinois Association of School Boards entitled, “Equity: An Educational Imperative.”  This program will be delivered at the Triple I Conference on November 22, 2019. It will then be offered to school districts and facilitated by internal IASB staff certified by Bea Young Associates.

With Bea Young Associates, Sue has designed and led Diversity-Equity-Inclusion seminars for schools and districts across the country. Sue has been the major facilitator of the BYA Cultural/Equity Audits. She is the author of seven books, including Diversity is All Around Us In Our Schools; Isn’t It Time We Get It Right. She has designed scores of multicultural curricula including Kaleidoscope: Valuing Differences and Creating Inclusion. She is also a professional storyteller who performs original social justice stories and is a co-producer of multicultural performances and internationally recognized films. She has received video/film honors for excellence in training and story arts. 

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