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Alex is a Latinx female social justice equity leader, committed to supporting the growth and continuous development of educators’ racial and socio-cultural consciousness to equip them to better serve their students and their families.


Dra. Escobar began her teaching career at St. Augustine College sixteen years ago helping students successfully obtain their GED and developing their English Language Proficiency. She then served as an elementary bilingual teacher and Response to Intervention Coordinator in Chicago Public Schools for six years. Desiring to become an educator of educators, she transitioned into administration in 2012 and has served as an assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent of Teaching & Learning in the Chicagoland area.


She has worked tirelessly towards achieving educational equity so every child is provided with the educational rigor, tailored academic, behavioral, and social-emotional supports and resources needed to succeed. An advocate for students and their families, she endeavors to cultivate school cultures which strive for excellence, celebrate diversity, foster positive racial-ethnic identities, and promote social responsibility. She recently founded Affirming Voices to address the lack of educational equity and the impact of racism and injustice in our school communities.


Alexandra has a Doctorate of Education in Administration and Supervision with a State of

Illinois Superintendent Endorsement from Loyola University, MA in Education and Type 75 School Leadership from Concordia University, BA in Elementary Education (Type 03), English as a Second Language and Bilingual Approval and Specialization: English as a New Language from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a Certified Teacher & Administrator Evaluator through the ISBE Performance Evaluation Advisory Council.

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