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Michael has co-authored scores of cultural audits for corporations and school
organizations including those for Plainfield District 202 and Berwyn North District 98,
which are described in Restoring the Soul to Education: Equity Closes the Achievement
Gap, by Bea Young, Carmen I. Ayala and Michael Kilgore.
During the 1980s he was the director of education and planning at the University of
Chicago Hospitals and Clinics. In the 1990s he led successful diversity and inclusion
efforts with clients such as Owens Corning, Deloitte & Touche, ConAgra and the Black
Management Forum of South Africa among others. Prior to joining Bea's educational
equity efforts in 2005 Michael was editor of Celebrate!, Key West's  LGBTQ community
Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with an AB in German
Studies and Urban Planning. With a focus in Organizational Psychology all coursework
and doctoral prelims at the University of Chicago Department of Education were
completed with highest honors. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Human Resource
Management from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Here are some ways that Michael can support your Equity Journey:

  • Conduct Equity interviews and focus groups.

  • Provide diversity and inclusion professional development and support for leaders.

  • Support organizations as they become more inclusive of the LGBTQ community.

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