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"As educational leaders, we must assess our systems before we change them."

We help school districts and colleges identify practices to address systemic racism and achieve educational equity. Our outstanding results are achieved through the copyrighted Ayala & Young Equity and Cultural AuditThe Audit identifies strengths as well as conditions that keep opportunities for improvement in place. In collaboration with the organization’s leadership and stakeholders, we provide a plan to put resources in place to meet the educational needs of ALL students. 

Call us today at (630) 258-4555 or email us at  Together, we can create an organization that is committed to taking the Educational Equity Journey and achieving systematic and systemic equity practices leading to sustainable change.


We are a partnership of a diverse team with a passion for helping educational organizations achieve equity and cultural responsiveness. We also partner with school districts and colleges to ensure curriculum, policies, programs, practices and structures support the educational opportunities needed for the success of every student and scholar. 

Beatrice Young - Ayala & Young Associates, LLC
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The Equity & Cultural Audit is a four-step process that begins the Educational Equity Journey for our clients. The information needed exists among the organization’s key stakeholders. By conducting confidential interviews and anonymous homogeneous focus groups, the Equity & Cultural Audit provides a safe place to share both strengths and opportunities for improvement. 


The success of our approach is described in Restoring the Soul to Education: Equity Closes the Achievement Gap. Detailing the extraordinary efforts required to close the achievement & opportunity gaps in two Illinois school districts, the heart-centered writing makes concepts and practical tools accessible to educational administrators, faculty, parents and community.

Restoring the Soul - Ayala & Young Associates, LLC
Equity Journey - Ayala & Young Associates, LLC



  • Providing information for your learning community to examine how racial and cultural perspectives impact opportunities and achievement of ALL students. 

  • Providing opportunities and directions to dissolve racial and cultural divides.


  • Shedding light on the need for equity accountabilities, structural and cultural changes .


  • Assessing the effectiveness of existing initiatives, academic programs, practices, systems and strategies related to Equity and Cultural Responsiveness.

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